Embracing a collaboration with AI to make stunning art

For years I've been having a great time learning to draw and sharing my art with the world. It's been a learning experience chock full of struggles, ups and downs, lefts and rights, and plenty of sideways moments. 

In the past months there's been a rise of artificial intelligence art apps that have taken the internet art community by storm. I can sympathize with any artist that would reject the notion of ai generated art, but I for one have decided to embrace it as a tool to take my Art to a whole other level.

Like all artists, I'm only as good as my imagination allows. There are details I tend to miss and angles I can't see with my mind's eye. A collaboration with a.i. takes those weaknesses and blows them out of the water. The same way word check corrects bad spelling, ai corrects boring composition and vague backgrounds.

A.i. has a lot of weaknesses as well. For instance, a.i. makes terrible mistakes when it doesn't understand what you are asking it to do. Things like eyes, hands or in my case an "Armadillo man":

But when it comes to textures a.i. hits it outta the parking lot. So I collaborated with a.i. to make stunning art. I'll do the figure drawing process with a.i. textures and the a.i. will handle the blocking, background and composition. All in all this is the start of a beautiful friendship.