The Art of Champions Tower Defense- Part 10 #paladin class

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 Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
As we wrap up the Hero classes, we take a look at the Paladin class.

Honored knights, the holy Light shines in their faces, the Paladins are going to battle. Pounding their shields with their heavy hammers. Here come the avengers!
"The class is loosely based on the Knight Templar paladins of medieval romance, as holy knights for good and virtue, and usually, but not always, imbued with angelic or godly powers." -Wikipedia 

Obviously, paladins are powerful and skilled in battle. Their heavy plate armor and their holy weapons can break through the enemy horde, and splinter them like lightning would a tree.
I wanted this to be present in the character, but I also wanted  the character to feel wiser, more than any brute warrior would. A leader by all rights, and of pure heart. This character, would heal, and strategize the most precise attack, like an experienced general of the Heavenly army of Light.
Modest color, would show that all though of noble birth, this character was humble. But clearly very confident in his stance.

"The way of the Paladin is to seek to know that which truly is."
-Rakeesh Sah Tarna
Quest for Glory II 

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