The Art of Champions Tower Defense- Part 3 #mage class

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This week we'll take a look at the Mage class. 

Mages and Wizards became very popular in the early 2000's with the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Ring movies. I'm a big fan of Gandalf the grey and would want the mages in this game to be that awesome. I always found it very amusing whenever someone got sheep-ed in W.o.W. so I wouldn't be surprised if Sam puts that move in the game.

"Wizards, called mages, are spell-casting characters designed to deal damage, while also preventing monsters from dealing damage and providing utility for the rest of their party." -Wikipedia

 The Mage's costume was the first cloth armor item I made for the game, it was important that the cloth looked like it flowed much like a robe. The scale of the game graphics is small enough that no cloth simulation or animation was needed, but the look needed to be different than just a shirt and pants. 

Later in the process, Sam went with a more streamlined look, so a lot of the details were taken off. This would be a level 1 robe, so the details would probably come later with more elite tiers dropping.

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” 

-Gandalf (LOTR) 


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