My thoughts on Notch selling out.

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9/24- Recently, notch sold Mojang for the chance of being a billionaire. A lot of opinions about the company sale have to do with the risk of leaving the beloved Minecraft game in the hands of Microsoft. I can understand the concern, but I can't help feeling happy for notch.

As a developer and producer I know that money gives you the access to the resources to make games, movies, in a timely fashion. So I can only wait to see what notch will produce now that he has a mighty fresh start. If he quit, and did nothing else other than eat and sleep, at least he made Minecraft.

Would I sell my life's work a la George Lucas, or Notch? I would say NO everyday of my life until the offer was upon me. Then I would really have to sit and think. A billion would buy me more time to do what I love to do, but what if I sold what I loved in the process.

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