Some people walk like this in real life!

       What if I actually posted some videos on YouTube and made content. Life would be a little bit more interesting, or not.

      I've been talking, planning and discussing strategy with my good friend Albert Viñas and brother/boss Sam Otero some ideas for cartoons and games and movies and stuff, but they all have one thing in common, they all take a really long time to make. We all agreed that it's in our best interest to make really fast and short content, but that means a loss of quality, bla, bla.

      I realized that I spend a lot of time working on projects, but no time finishing or posting them. So I decided to post my work in progress in an attempt to fill my YouTube channel with a lot of videos. Please help me, by liking each video, sharing whatever is share worthy and subscribing for more content. I'm pretty much going to share bits and pieces of my workday while talking about what's trending now in topics that I like to read about (maybe). Stop me if this is a terrible idea in the comments below.

      This morning I began rigging and testing "David", a character for a web cartoon Albert and I are currently working on. Here's a walk animation test. Here's the video.

Some people walk like this in real life!

        I figured, if I spend hours without end trying to make these projects work, why not screen grab some of the work or make a small clip like the one above and share my journey as well, I might make some people smile, laugh or yawn. At least it's different, right. Anyways, I'm going to upload one or two videos every week, who knows maybe more. Let me know what you think in the comment section.


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