What I'm working on this week. HOPEFULLY!

Work is fun...work is FUN!!?

What up JOELERS! So I got a lot on my plate. Let's break it down into manageable parts. Am I right?

Writing that script.
This week I have the task of writing the Last Jedi Parody script for a 10 minute live action short film. So I'll be focusing on that first this week.

Posting on Social Media and Blogging.
I'm posting on social media as I usually do, but I'm trying to post daily blogs. That will be tricky if I'm writing the script and then also suddenly writing blog posts. 

Posting on Youtube.
After that I'm also animating some pixel art videos for my YouTube channel. I also want to have daily videos, but, lets be realistic here, that's probably not going to happen. So I want to make at least one video and start a second video to give myself a buffer for next week.

Posting on Instagram
I'm drawing fresh art as well, (sheesh, why did all this converge into the same week) my doodles and sketches are very stale as of late, so i want to make some fresh ones for social media.

Oh snap! I'm also filming this Weekend for a friend!!!
I'm not sure what the outcome will be this week, but don't get discouraged. As long as I post the usual amount, and get the script to draft 1, there's still hope. (I hope)

See you next post! Joel Out!

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Thanks as always. See you next post!

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