Box Office Brawl - Episode 1 Jigsaw versus Thor Ragnarok

Let's play a game.

Welcome to box office brawl or B.O.B. for short. An exciting new video!!!

This video took me about 7 hours to make, (i know) it's super rough as well. I wasn't able to add a voice track or even animate or articulate the characters. But I think it's a great start of something that can grow. There's enough material each week and it's somewhat of a relatable topic, I guess.

I thought about this concept for a while now, what if the weekend box office was more like WWE, I envisioned it as a series, two videos a week, one introducing the movies that will go head to head against last week's champ, and the second video showing the match or the outcome of the match based on who won the box office. this would be the prototype or the pilot for the series. Mind you it's very early on in development. I just wanted to post it while it made sense.

I'm trying to make more interesting videos for you JOELERS out there. I'm going to try to release new content more often. It really benefits the blog, channel, whatever. An hopefully I'll get better with practice. The content will get better as well. (I hope)

Thanks for reading and watching my videos! Joel Out!

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