I finally got the card

Finally! The movie pass card arrived in the mail and I went to see Blade Runner 2049. My thoughts on the movie will come in some later video and or post, but for now I'm writing about the Movie Pass, that's the real story here. 

This card took a month to get to my house. It was so frustrating for me. But the second I got the card, all that frustration melted away. I can watch a movie a day everyday forever, that brings a tear to my eye. With that said, I have already seen the seems begin to stress and almost break immediately.

For example, movie theater schedules are very inconvenient. I get it, they want you to be hungry when you go watch, but c'mon, can't you have some times that don't conflict with everyday things like lunch and dinner. My family loves movies, but can't afford the ridiculous prices of the sack of candy they sell. When I was a kid my mom would stop at the nearest Walgreen's and would stuff her purse with all sorts of goodies to sneak into the movie. I'm a little more uncomfortable with that method. 

The second thing I encountered was very strange. I went to see Ninjago with my son but was 10 minutes late to the showing, we were going to miss about 5 minutes of the movie, which is fine because my son is an adorable four year old and he doesn't know any better, but when we went inside, the screen was turned off. (WHAT!?) They had to turn on the movie for us because we were the only ones at the screening and they wanted to save power. On top of this awkward experience, they skipped to about 5-10 minutes into the movie to make it end on-time. GREAT JOB THEATER! (I won't mention the theater out of respect for their families) anyways it was an EPIC fail on their part ;p

But even with all that, I'm super stoked to go watch all the movies in the big screen this year! I might make some movie reviews and LOTS OF SPOILER DISCUSSIONS (bwuahahahahahaha). 

Anyhoo, INKOTBERWEEN starts this week and boy am I excited! Time to scare all you JOELERS out there!! Much love FAM!! Joel Out!

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