Is this what you want YOUTUBE?!!!

Join them? No RANT!

There's this type of "animation" that's all the rage now, where in you DON'T animate anything, you just show a sequence of key frames while you play a recording of yourself telling a mildly interesting story. Something that happened to you or some observation you're making about humanity or whatever. Is this what you want YOUTUBE!?

I guess it's easier to make but c'mon, are people really that into it? I get that as a fan, you want to get to know youtubers and hear what funny or interesting thing they have to say, but, why?

Isn't there room for more creativity on Youtube? Or is Youtube rewarding those who can spit out quantity over content?

Why? Why not? Should I use this format too? Should I make random thought videos or share cooky stories with my audience? I dunno. I was just trying to make some fun videos to watch. But I guess there's a "format" now.

I don't mind experimenting, but how do I stand out from the hundreds of talking animated faces? I'm not sure I can survive on Youtube. But then again, I'm not surviving now. The term  "dead on arrival" comes to mind. I really like making videos on Youtube, so I can keep going, but will anyone care about my videos? I just don't know.

See you next Blog Post.


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