The most shocking Star Wars: Episode 8 Theories Revealed NO SPOILERS #starwars


Rey is Shmi Skywalker!!!??!?!

What if Rey time travels to a Star Wars Novel that happens before the events of Episode 1. She becomes Shmi Skywalker and gives birth to Darth Vader. OH MY GOD!!!!!!

The Young-lings killed Anakin?!!!


This one makes so much sense. The movie cuts out right after Anakin (Darth Vader) ignites his light-saber, so we don't see the outcome of the fight, but hear me out now, these are kids with light-sabers. Kids are little monsters in general jumping around bouncing off the walls, this is without super powers, all these kids see the future and they have weapons. On top of that, this particular group of kids is so dedicated that they practice fighting at night on a saturday!!!! They are so dangerous, that the camera man dropped the camera and bolted into lightspeed out of there.

So, who's the guy fighting Obiwan at the end in the lava world? you might say, it's the kids... dressed as Anakin. 

That explains the stupid decision of jumping over a Jedi Master with full warning and surviving getting cut into "pieces" and "burning to death"

Snoke is Jar Jar Binks!!!!????!!!@@ 


Do I even have to explain this one. I found this picture on google. I found all of these on Google. I see things, read things, lots of things. Jar Jar Binks is Snoke. Here's the proof.

  1. the photo above.
  2. they're both motion capture.
  3. one was done a long time ago... the other one is more recent, but he's very old.
  4. They both are forces of unimaginable evil that has caused so much suffering for countless people across the galaxy.
  5. similar noses? Similar noses!
April Fools guys!!!!

What are some SW theories you've heard about? Leave your answer in the comments.

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