A Pokemon Legacy webseries would be awesome! #pokemon

About that Preview.

Wouldn't it be great if we made a new Pokemon web series based on Sam's newest game Pokemon Tower Defense 3: Legacy? Well before we start camping outside my Youtube channel (What?XD) there's a lot to take into consideration. 

First of all there's finishing PTD 1. There are people waiting for this series to conclude, and i think they would be very pissed if I just started a new installment before finishing the current one. Right?... RIGHT? 

Well yes and no. The truth is that we could have both, just posted in a separate Playlist titled PTD: Legacy. It might just work, the fans that are new to PTD are probably playing PTD 3 right now, and maybe some of them haven't played the first 2. Idk, maybe. So why not. It would be in Anime genre, so the difference would be very noticeable. 

Second, what about the middle child? [I'm talking about PTD 2] Is there no love for #2, the map wondering, Gen 2 mutli- wave/ 1 0n 1 battle game? The answer is a big YES! It's something that would be unthinkable. But the real question would be "How?" I'm just one guy and there's only so many hrs in each day. So that would be something I would have to figure out. Maybe live action? (oh pls no) Can you imagine me and my kids wondering through the wood reenacting each level of PTD 2 with 1993 style CG pokemon. Yikes!

Third, and most important is Sam. I think I had approval from Sam to do Legacy long ago, but then I got "busy". That preview was my attempt at making the series at a time when I wasn't really ready for that kind of thing. I would want to have a deep conversation with Him about going about doing something like this. He always has the wisdom, and his heart is in the right place.

Fourth, ...but then I saw Pokemon Generations and my jaw dropped. It was amazing! I could only dream of that level of animation. I certainly have been inspired by that Series, and how similar it's characters are to the source material. Should I make Legacy, it would be compared to Generations, and that's fine. I'm not worried. I would take risks that maybe they wouldn't (they can lose their jobs, I can't).

So PTD Legacy is still a pipe dream for now, but who knows, 2018? 😎 Stay you!!

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