2017: Some things have changed. #makeApertureEyeFilmsGREAT(again?)

Some things for the better!

For the last few months I've been posting different types of content on Youtube, Instagram, etc. Some of these include Time-lapse videos, Trailer Reactions and sketches

What I'm trying to accomplish with this is trying to reach a wider audience. It's just part of the business. Everything is evolving. The market is changing. I have to change with it.

As an artist I feel that I have a lot that I want to share with people, but the process  is at times very slow, and I'm just one guy at the moment, but I'm changing that.

I want to bring more people on board to help me make Aperture Eye Films the great company it can be.

I'm going to keep experimenting more with different types of videos that I can make faster, and when the Pokemon videos are ready, then I'll post those. Hopefully with more content, the channel will grow.

Most importantly, I want to say Thank You to those people out there that are truly engaging and connecting with my content and are giving me support. To you awesome people I say thanks!   

 Stay you.

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