More Aliens? More Awesome! #aliencovenant #trailer

Here's Johnny!

The new Alien movie trailer looks a lot better. In fact, it looks really good. I'm a big Alien fan, I defended Prometheus, enjoyed it. This trailer promises more Aliens killing humans. Good! Will we get another human character we will love and root for? Not sure. But that's okay with me. I didn't watch John Wick hoping to get a side character I can attach to other than John Wick. "Why are all the people getting shot at so dumb and unimportant?" Don't care, just give me action.

I understand, we get more tension and a better shock if we care about the human characters, but I personally can't stop comparing them to Ripley or Hicks. They just won't stack up. Did Darth Maul beat Boba Fett in my heart? No, Fett is still the man in my book, and that's not going to change, ever. But that's okay. Let's just enjoy the movie. Let's see what happens. Let's see James Franco get killed by an Alien. Danny McBride can say something funny while getting his brain chomped. I'm okay with it, I will survive this... I will survive this. (stares into the sunset)

What did you think of the New Alien movie Trailer? I'd like to know. Leave your answer in the comments.  

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