I just saw Logan and I have to say, well done sir. #logan #review

These are some bad ass mutants.

Right off the bat we enter an rated R (hard R) x-men universe. It's the future and almost all the mutants are dead and Logan, Charles Xavier and some albino tracker mutant (I'm not Googling it) are all that's left (allegedly). This dystopian future sets the perfect stage to give the Wolverine a proper send off.

Blood, Blood, Blood and more blood.

This movie shows off who or what the Wolverine is, a killing animal. He calls you bub, but then (*if you're a bad guy) he turns you into a kebab, bub. The action in this film was off the chain. The humor and chemistry between Professor X and Logan was earned by all the films we've seen with them together, but if I hadn't seen any of the previous films I still would've felt something because these two actors' performances were amazing. 

Fun Fact-the close-up claws were practical, not CG. (I'm talking to you Origins: Wolverine, bub)

The ending came out of no where and delivered. I knew this was going to be Hugh Jackman's last movie as Logan, but that ending brought tears to my friend sitting next to me, and he never cries (first time I've ever seen him cry).

The cinematography was great. The music was great. The action was great. The little girl was amazing, there was more wolverine in that little girl than all the x-men 3 and apocalypse put together.

Logan: 1 great movie out of 10 terrible movies I've seen so far 2017.

Go watch this movie and finally see what Wolverine was meant to be like. Except for the limo driving job, that I couldn't buy. I just imagine the guy has all this loot from raiding wars throughout history. Anyways, what did you think of Logan? Did you see it? Let me know in the comments. Stay you! 

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