Well that took forever!!! Why I made a PewDiePie parody?

Forced Happiness 

Three weeks ago Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, made this video. 


The video was about how Youtubers only portray positivism or happiness on their videos, and some Youtubers (not all) even used positive thinking as a way of branding, to sell merchandise. He revealed that in some past videos he faked being happy to play a certain game when in reality he hated playing it. He hated faking it as well. So he made this honest vlog to talk about it. Then others followed suit.

That's when I decided to make this video. 

The video was an attempt to dramatize and/or parody what PewDiePie was talking about. Obviously I didn't go into great detail or choose a game like Amnesia, or something grotesque, I just wanted to poke some fun at the situation. Just a joke, nothing harmful, I'm not criticizing Felix, I actually agree with what he has to say. I wanted to express myself through an animated sketch. That's all. 

I have been posting little animations here and there and the topic PewDiePie talked about seemed intriguing to me. So three weeks later I finished the animation and posted it. I think the topic's "trend" has died since then, so I don't think my video will go viral any time soon. If someone finds the video, I hope they find it amusing.

I wanted to animate an illustration I had made of a cat Youtuber, I chose that design for Felix. It didn't take me three weeks to make it, I had to work on it in parts. I have loads of work I do during the week so I did this in my spare time.

Anyways, I hope you watch the video and like it. I want to make more videos, faster. Hopefully I can get better at it.

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