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Drawing on my "Free Time"

MONDAYS- Life Goes On
The end is coming. The end is here, but it's okay, because life goes on. The comic that started it all is back. For a weekly run. You can view the comic on my comic blog.
I might write about the comics and post it on this blog, or if their not getting enough views, I might just merge both blogs into a MEGA-BLOG-MUTANT, but I hope not. Tee-hee. 

Thursdays- Samurai Toad

Heads will roll in 2017 when Samurai Toad comes to town. This action packed comic is not for the feint of heart. This comic might become a bi-weekly run, if it becomes too overwhelming, I want the story to actually be good, the art might suffer, that's okay, I can always update the art once I get better at drawing. You can view this comic on my Comic Blog.

I'm not holding back this year. 

"Hold on to your butts"  
Ray Arnold 
It's all going to happen on my Comic Blog:

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