It's Time! PTD Season 4 Production starts now!

It's time!
Production for Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Saga season 4 has begun and there are a lot of work to do. Spoilers ahead.

Early thumbnails / storyboard

New features:

  • New 3d backgrounds (made in Blender)
  • Better fx and animation
  • HD
  • Original chiptune soundtrack for each episode

I am very excited about season 4, I love making the series and am curious to see how far I can go in storytelling, action, comedy and Pokemon. The most important thing for me, of course, is that the fans enjoy my videos.

With that said, they do take a long time to make. I've decided to document the process of making these episodes in spiler-free "behind the scenes" videos and vlogs. So hopefully the wait is a little more bearable. 

Season 4 is scheduled to be released this December.


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