My reaction video to Rogue one Teaser Trailer

The new Star Wars era has begun!!!

We haven't even unboxed our Force Awakens Blu-ray yet and here comes Rogue one's Teaser.

At first glance I can tell it looked different from the classic Star Wars, the new Storm troopers looks menacing, the old Rebel Base looks like stuff of Legends even before it became one (this movie takes place before A New Hope).

 The cast looks great. Donny Yen looks phenomenal. The action looks great as well. The AT-AT' are back!!! I think I even saw the Emperor, Mon-mothma, Tarkin (walking on water?), but the person they left out of the teaser, whom I'm most interested in seeing is JarJar (jk), is Vader. Do you think Vader will be in Rogue one? Leave your answer in the comments.


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