What's going on here Lex? BvS deleted scene- communion

That is not how you take communion, Lex.

Warner Bros. dropped a very odd deleted scene from their recently released Batman v Superman: D.o.J. movie and boy is it a doozy. -SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

A SWAT team enters the crashed Kryptonian ship (from Man of Steel) where Lex Luthor (now captain), created Doomsday? This is where the it gets strange.

They find Luthor standing chest-deep in what I could only describe as blood. There is a giant horned creature standing in front of him showing him three cubes, while a silver model of the solar system floats above the monster's head.

The creature suddenly disintegrates in pain? Again, strange. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Then Lex turns around as lasers are targeting his back.  

I have no idea who this monster is, maybe this is "the devil" Lex Luthor was talking about. DING DING DING DING DING lol sorry.

On the internet, they're saying the monster is Steppenwolf. One of the "new gods" of Darkseid.  

Now I see why Marvel is so conservative with it's superheroes, toning it down so much. This guy makes the Hulk look pretty normal. DC comics is definitely going full comic. But, is that a bad thing? 


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