5 mistakes Qui-Gon Jinn made that doomed the galaxy.

Did Qui-Gon Jinn doom the Jedi order?



Did Qui-Gon Jinn's decisions impact the fate of the Jedi in a major way? Here's my theory on the subject. There are 5 key mistakes Qui-Gon Jinn made in The Phantom Menace that changed the galaxy far far away for the worst.

#5 He discourages Obiwan from sensing the future

When the two Jedi arrive at the Trade Federation's command station Obi-wan says he sensed something elusive. Qui-Gon dismisses his Padawan's comments and tells him to keep his mind "here and now where it belongs". Qui-Gon contradicts Master Yoda's teachings "to be mindful of the future" with what seems like just cause "not at the expense of the moment". But could this narrow view Qui-Gon takes of the force make him more vulnerable to machinations and manipulation of the Dark Side. He was so focused on fixing the current crisis that he couldn't see the bigger picture in front of him, that he was being used as a pawn to set in motion the events that would eventually destroy the Jedi.

#4 He doesn't ask for backup

After the Trade Federation attempts to assassinate the two Jedi. Qui-Gon and Obi-wan soon realize that they are outnumbered and they flee the planet. However, they do not make any attempt to contact the Jedi council and or the Chancellor. They simply go to Tatooine and are stuck there with a blown hyper-drive.

They should've contacted someone, but Qui-Gon's paranoia complicates everything.

To make matters worse, they are now faced with the newly revealed Sith. Qui-Gon is out classed by the Sith Lord in a light saber fight and they flee the scene once again.

On Coruscant, Qui-Gon is sent back to Naboo to protect the princess and confront this Sith menace once again. Does he ask for more Jedi to help him? No. He doesn't even mention that he almost got killed by a Sith half his age. He hides his weakness with over-confidence and that was a huge mistake. 

#3 He frees Anakin Skywalker

"There's something about this boy" says Qui-Gon after Obiwan scans Anakin's blood and discovers that the child is stronger in the force than Master Yoda. This kid has the potential to be the most powerful force user in the galaxy, ever. So what does old Qui-Gon do? He believes him to be the "chosen one" from the"prophesy". This guy who lectures Obiwan to keep his mind focused on the here and now is now totally engaged in a quest to free the "chosen one". What? lol. 

Here's what is wrong with Qui-Gon's decision to free Anakin. Anakin says he had a dream that he was a Jedi and freed all the slaves. So Anakin is aware of one possible future. Qui-Gon decides to take Anakin off planet to begin Jedi training. This kid doesn't know what a Jedi really is, but he knows he'll be one and he wants to free the slaves. As long as Anakin remains a slave in Tatooine, he will want to be free and free the slaves, he'll learn the ways of the force regardless of Jedi training, because he already relies on it to pod race, being "the only human who can do it" requires the force. 
Qui-Gon frees Anakin and completely changes Anakin's fate. Now Anakin no longer needs to free himself, so he's not there to "free the slaves". Anakin's dream no longer means anything. His mother stays behind as a reminder of the future Anakin was taken from and Qui-Gon represents the future Anakin was given instead, that of a fate changer, Qui-Gon defies everyone including fate itself and Anakin learned this at an early age. He would become the "chosen one" that would tip the scales between the light and dark sides of the force. 

#2 He fights Darth Maul alone.

Darth Maul was just too much for Qui-gon Jinn to handle. Obiwan was separated from the fight early on and it became obvious that Darth Maul was on another level. Qui-gon was no match for the Sith Lord and he got killed. Qui-gon's death means that everything he did to free Anakin now falls on young Obi-wan's shoulders. A padawan learner would now train the most powerful force user to be a Jedi.


#1 He allows Jar Jar Binks to tag along

Who saved who? Jar Jar said Qui-Gon saved him and he owes Qui-Gon a life-debt. But if you watch the scene clearly you'll notice that Jar Jar saves Qui-Gon by pushing him down to safety. Still, Qui-Gon allows Binks to "tag along". Jar Jar is later responsible for giving the chancellor emergency powers (Episode 2) which allow the use of the clone army, who later (in episode 3) are given order 66, the order to destroy the Jedi. 

Qui-Gon Jinn is responsible for almost annihilating the Jedi order. It's all his fault. That's my theory.

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