My top 5 #Youtube movie reviewers!!!

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When I'm looking for a great movie to watch there are but a handful of critics I look to for an entertaining and insightful review.Here's my top 5 Youtube movie reviewers:

Honorable Mentions:

Screen Junkies: Honest Trailers

 KickAaaz Movie Reviews

Here's my top 5 Youtube movie reviewers!!!

#5 CinemaSins


Sure, I know this guy doesn't really review upcoming movies, but he does a great job of giving in-depth analysis of movies' "sins" or cliches and mistakes. It's also funny as hell.

#4 Schmoes Know

These guys are on Rotten Tomatoes! But their videos are sometimes so awkward that they steal the show, very entertaining! I give them a 5.745231... out of 6.

#3 Jeremy Jahns

This guy is really good at what he does, his reviews are straight and on point. He doesn't waste time meandering or going into tangents. Sometimes though, his reviews do kind of blur together and become a bit forgettable.

#2 Chris Stuckman

I could get this one and Jeremy Jahns mixed up except for a few key differences. Chris adds some flair to his videos by having a cool background full of memorabilia, he also allows the editing to breath more in his videos, he sounds like a human being and he has these little quirky moments where he almost loses his cool whenever a movie does something stupid. Makes me laugh a lot!


#1 Nostalgia Critic

  Oh man! What can I say about that guy with glasses? He's funny, he's toony, he's a little looney... He would fit in nicely as a character of Tinytoons or animaniacs!!! His fits or "[CYPHER] RAGE" are hysterical. I don't always agree with his reviews, but boy are they just so much fun to watch. They're definitely worth watching!

These are just my thoughts and opinion!!! So what about you?

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