Joel's top 5 movies of 2015!!! #happyNewYear

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Here's my top 5 movies of 2015!!!

#5 Jurassic World

This is a fun movie to watch. It is full of flaws, but compared to the last two Jurassic park movies, this movie is great! I was screaming I was enjoying the carnage, the final Dino showdown was spectacular!

#4  The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

This movie did what movie franchises should do, it made me care about the characters and their stories. It took me in a direction I didn't expect. (didn't read a single book) so the movies were all I invested in, and the payout was awesome! 

#3 Ant-Man

I went to see Ant-Man with superhero fatigue from the Avengers mess that gave me a head ache (sorry). I came out of the movie refreshed and wanting to see more superhero movies, bizarre ones, c'mon marvel, give me some strange! ;)
#2 Star Wars: Force Awakens

This movie was fantastic! A masterpiece of J.J. Abrams, but my expectations for the new Star Wars kind of ruined the fun for me. Whenever I see this movie again (oh and I will) I know it will probably bump up to number one, but some of the decisions in characters and plot left me shaking my head. I hold this movie to a higher standard than any other movie. So it's #2 for now. Still, way way way better than the prequels!!!

#1 Mad Max: Fury Road 

Mad max fury road came out of now where and blew my mind. I was at the edge of my seat from start to finished. This is close to a perfect movie in my book. The action, the characters, the practical effects, the great use of CGI. Best movie of 2015, probably not, but my favorite of the year, absolutely!

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