Countdown to Force Awakens- My list of fav Star Wars movies!!! In order!!!

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With The Force Awakens just a few weeks away, this is my list of my favorite Star Wars movies:

#6 Attack of the clones

This is by far the most disappointing of all the prequels, it tried so hard to give fans what they wanted, and in the process made us all realize, we didn't want any of it. Yoda fighting with a light-saber? I was young enough to be amazed at how good he was, granted, but only to scratch my head at him picking up his walking stick and being a cripple again. What? Anakin Skywalker, he was just awful.

#5 The Phantom Menace

When I saw this movie in the theaters, I forgot it was a Star Wars movie. The light-sabers made me think this was a Jedi movie, but not a Star Wars movie. Jar Jar Binks was really not funny and just boring. I was young and didn't know enough about what Star Wars was to even care, so I was introduced to SW through this movie. I only place this movie ahead of "Clones" because it made me interested in the Sith threat and weather or not there would be more Darth Mauls coming out of the woodwork to fight young Obi-wan and his kid brother (Darth Vader?). The whole Amidala hearts a little boy was weird to say the least. 

#4 A New Hope

Now before you force choke me to death, hear me out cough..cough
I saw this movie for the first time in the 90's, after it had been released in VHS, all I saw was old people talking in the desert and slow moving ships. It was boring. When Lucasfilm re-released them in the theaters, my eyes were open to the grand scale of these movies. But still, new hope is the slowest of the six, in my opinion, and the fight between Vader and Kenobi makes Obiwan look a bit stupid. Weather that was intentional or not, ask Lucas.

#3 Return of the Jedi

My parents took me to see this movie in the theaters, when I was 3 years old. I cried at the sight of Jabba the Hut. That is my earliest memory of movies ever. (trauma) None the less this movie holds a special place in my heart. Luke is the bad-ass we were all promised he would be after completing the training with 900 yr old Yoda. Spoiler- all the best characters in Star Wars history (except for Kenobi & Maul) die in this movie. Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia are all that's left. Spoilers?-R.I.P- Boba Fett, Jabba, Yoda, the emperor, that one Ewok that made me cry and (midi-clorian champ) Darth "Ani" Vader himself. How the droids survive is beyond me.

#2 Revenge of the Sith

Is this a perfect movie, nope. Is it the best Star Wars movie, not by any means, but I enjoy this movie far more than the ones mentioned above. The best of the prequels, it was the best attempt at connecting whatever the republic was with the Empire

side note-My Fan theory about the direction of the prequels-  
When Lucas wrote Star Wars, he said he made it too long, so he cut it into three movies and thus came about the trilogy. 
I believe episode 3 was the only story he had for the prequels, but he couldn't stretch it into three movies, it was too short, so he made up all this filler crap that was phantom menace and attack of the clones. 
But if he had started episode 1 with Obiwan and Anakin as Jedi in the clone wars (the first act), then introduced Darth Maul, General Grievous and Douku and the clones, we would've been on board
Then for episode 2 he's got premonitions about his mom and fiance dying, learning the dark side in secret from Palpatine, while the Jedi do their thing on some cool planets, against clones (not with them). 
Finally in episode 3 we have this all out war good versus evil and Anakin's betrayal front and center. That would've been a far better prequel trilogy, but it was too short and too soon. Maybe Lucas was too old to begin the training and reckless.

#1 Empire Strikes Back

And the best of the galaxy is, Episode 5, even as a kid I remember seeing this one and thinking, wow, that spaceship (millennium Falcon) is so cool!!! I also remember getting the toys centered on "Empire". It is the most memorable, the battle on Hoth is amazing, the fact that the good guys lose, is fresh to this day. The big reveal twist is the "father" of all movie twists (I'll see myself out).

And that's my list!!! 

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