What would you like to see added to this blog?

+PTD2 Trainer Pass Giveaway!!!


Hey guys and gals, so now that PTD season 3 is very close to being released, I suddenly realized that I have nothing else to share or talk about. [lol?]

So I turn to you awesome people to vote for what I should add to the blog next. 

Don't get me wrong, I still have many projects coming that I will be covering in the blog, but it would be hard to stretch that coverage for every weekly post. So I added some "filler" ideas to have handy while my projects have time to grow.

These ideas are:

  • Movie news and or articles.
  • vlogs
  • movie reviews
  • DIY "How to" film articles

Cast your vote above or in the comments section if you're interested in any or all of these.

Also, let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to add to the list, who knows, I might want to do that instead.

Also, also, I like the idea of making polls and getting your feedback on things I'm thinking about. So I might add polls more often. 

Thanks for voting!!!!! You rock!!!

 Trainer Pass Giveaway Question
What is your favorite Star Wars movie or game? Leave your answer in the comments below for a chance to win a free Trainer pass from Sam & Dan Games' Pokemon Tower Defense 2!
Next week, I'll choose a random winner.

Congratulations to PokemonPikachu for winning last week's Trainer Pass giveaway! Please contact me via email to joelotero93@gmail.com to receive further instructions.

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Don't know what the trainer pass is?

Membership has evolved into.... Trainer Pass! Get it today!
A while back I was talking about having a membership plan that you guys and gals could subscribe to and get some great member's only features. The plan at the time was to make it a low monthly fee but have changed my mind since then. It will be a one time fee and you will have the features activated forever!

So let's talk about what you get:
  • Increased chance for Shiny/Shadow Pokemon to appear in the wild
  • No ads while you play the game
  • Get a copy of shiny giveaway Pokemon automatically every week
  • Faster Breeding - Breed with only one visit instead of 2, essentially breed something everyday!
  • Faster Leveling - Get twice the experience on every battle!
  • Weekly Giveaways for pass holders only