Oh man I blew it!!!

+PTD2 Trainer Pass Giveaway!!!


 My sister was having a conversation with my wife and I about this new shake that help people lose weight. How she has to post her progress online to gain followers and so on. I suddenly realized, that she was doing what I do with this "career" I have chosen. Sharing my progress as an artist. Growing my audience of "fans". Giving away prizes to attract more people. It's hard, I'm tired and I want to sleep.

Yesterday I posted this image on Twitter and Instagram. About a dozen people liked it, some retweeted it. This is what I do. I make these creatures for my brother's game. I spend hours trying to make it work. I shared the image to show a beginning of my workday.

After I finished the ogre, I went out with my family (Above) to celebrate my wife's birthday. To be honest, I didn't have a good time, I wanted to make her happy, but all I could do was sit on a park bench and watch her play with our son (not in pic). I was in bad shape. We got Ice cream, they went to bed. I sat down back to work.

I began work on the second creature- a werewolf. I twitter-ed this image of my "work in progress". Time flew and the werewolf came alive.

It took some time to make the wolf's head. Once I got it down, I could animate it. I got done at about 2am. 

It's 2:30am now and I'm blogging about my work. I feel accomplished. But what did I accomplish? I made two tiny game graphics. I blew it with my wife though. 


 Trainer Pass Giveaway Question
What's your favorite Monster movie? Leave your answer in the comments below for a chance to win a free Trainer pass from Sam & Dan Games' Pokemon Tower Defense 2!
Next week, I'll choose a random winner.

Congratulations to Robert Smith for winning last week's Trainer Pass giveaway! Please contact me via email to joelotero93@gmail.com to receive further instructions.

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Don't know what the trainer pass is?

Membership has evolved into.... Trainer Pass! Get it today!
A while back I was talking about having a membership plan that you guys and gals could subscribe to and get some great member's only features. The plan at the time was to make it a low monthly fee but have changed my mind since then. It will be a one time fee and you will have the features activated forever!

So let's talk about what you get:
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