PTD Season 2 Post-Mortem.

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Last week we wrapped up Season 2 of Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Saga, and boy was it a doozy. If you haven't seen it, it's on Youtube/joelotero. There might be potential spoilers, I guess.

I had an amazing time making each episode for season 2. It was a blast. Each episode was a challenge and I learned a lot from each one. At first I wasn't going to make a Season 2 at all, but some fans got together and communicated that they wanted more episodes and it really moved me into action, now that it has come to fruition I am in appreciation of those fans, thanks guys, you rock!!!

Doing the same thing, but different.

I had made episode 7 months before, but it was kind of stale feeling. It lacked action, and it was just meh for a long time. A few day before I was going to post the episode, I saw an animated short made by an 18 year old that blew my socks off, it was super action packed and had an intensity to it that made me feel a bit ashamed of my episode. So I scrapped it and started from scratch. I then proposed to my friends an family that instead of one episode, I was going to make 5 episodes at the same time (like a very long episode cut into pieces). I was very happy with the result, because it resulted in multiple episodes for weekly release, instead of one episode (per year, yikes). 

Raising the bar x5!!!

With Onix, I wanted to make him an imposing character, a massive monster that was heavy and strong, like the monsters in classic Harryhausen movies. I was very happy with how Onix turned out. 

I also wanted to make the Zubats be an overwhelming force of nature. I researched real bats and in some countries bats come out of caves in massive swarms. I went with that look to also make fun of the ridiculous amount of Zubats we encounter in pokemon games. 

Using Pokemon as slaves.

I know that the Mt. Moon level in the game has Pokemon taking fossils away and you have to stop them from doing that, but I wanted to give Brock a much deserved send off and culminate the Brock story with a big climax. I thought that the General needed fossils to build an army of sorts, and to mine more fossils Brock would use Pokemon, as slaves. (note- mind you, Brock was hypnotized or brainwashed to think he's a bad guy, so don't yell at me, I know Brock wouldn't actually do that)

Legendary Pokemon that are everywhere!!!

If you watch closely you can find Legendary Pokemon in almost all the episodes of Season 2. They are coming... and that's pretty cool.

So, that's it for my post-mortem. Hope you enjoyed season 2. You can show support by leaving a like in one or more of the episodes down here.

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