The Art of Champions Tower Defense- Part 17 #Workflow

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You gotta flow.
This week we take a look at workflow.

I know what you're going to say, what does "workflow" have to do with art. Well, a lot, actually. Hmmm, yup.

 "A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information.[1] It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group..." -Wikipedia 

I hate to say it, but workflow made all of this possible. I used to work without any workflow, I would feel it out and draw whatever I felt was right and then send it in, only to be sent back as being way off the mark. 

It wasn't until we implemented a workflow of (meetings, task lists, step-by-step designs and concept references, examples of animation, tests and redesigns) a serious nature, that we began to see results. 

Turning ideas into projects
I start each project with concept sketches, references and resources needed to complete the project. Note- Not every idea turns into a project, a lot of ideas end up in a file folder or in the trash. Once I look at my project calendar and determine which idea needs developing first, which idea needs incubating and which idea is garbage. I then fill the calendar with the shortest to longest projects.

 Writing notes
I write my ideas down on evernote or on a notebook for future reference. My mind needs to be free to work. I drop ideas down into evernote and move on, if later I'm burning with excitement over an idea that is stuck in my head, I look it up and develop it further. But if I can't remember the idea, it won't be done.

Seeking help
I talk to colleagues and bounce around ideas. They always have some tip or something they would change, and that's great. Don't argue, don't reject their insight. Make a note of their changes, just in case, it's what you needed later. Also find people who know what you're talking about, your friends might not be into your passions and dreams, be aware of that to avoid awkward moments.

It's important that I can actually do work in my workspace.
I make sure to have a comfortable work environment, that is intimate, and criticism free. Make sure you have your music available for those days you do mindless busy work, but also make sure you're not too distracted, you have to focus on getting the job done. Make your own happy place.

The internet has all the answers
I use the internet to learn, practice tutorials, find references anything I need to get the work done. Without it I wouldn't be here, because I'm a self-taught artist. I went to film school, but all the graphic design and animation stuff, I learned on my computer at home.

"Workflow is important..."
-Joel Otero

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