The Art of Champions Tower Defense- Part 5 #shaman class

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 This week we'll take a look at the Shaman class.

Voodoo dolls and totems, the elemental magic is all around. Still and quiet your soul and you will absorb it's energy. (awkward!)

"Shamans are masters of elemental and nature magics with signature totems providing party buffs."

Shamans have to be one of the more unknown characters to me. Another robed character, I'm amazed these skilled fighters don't trip or step on their robes while charging into battle. 

The design's color scheme would be more earth tones and have more layers than the Mage's robe, but it would be more practical looking than the priest's robe. All of this got streamlined into a more modest look. The characters would all get a younger looking scalp as well. With more form fitting outfits. My original designs were beginning to suffer from Cartman syndrome.

Sorry, no Shaman quote. (yikes) 

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