The Art of Champions Tower Defense- Part 4 #priest class

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 This week we'll take a look at the Priest class.

The holy ones, anointed children of The Light. The priests, in ancient times were tasked with serving in the holy temple. They would sacrifice, they would dedicate, they would proclaim the way of God.
The ministry of these saints would include healing the wounded and sick, but also engaging in holy warfare to bring peace to the land.

 "Priests are commonly considered one of the standard healing classes, as they have two talent specs that can be used to heal quite effectively. However, they are also formidable damage dealers with niche abilities."

The priest costume needed to look significantly different from the others, so colors would contrast the mage's, warlock's and druid's significantly, not full white, but close enough to make sense that it had been worn in services, with two colors framing it this time. 

the original design was leaning towards a hippie (oops), then latter given more structure, more like a choir robe look. The idea of different hairstyles was always on our mind, but with the priest, I wanted to make him with a bald spot on top. Friar Tuck comes to mind as a memorable character that was part of the clergy and also a heroic fictional character.

"There exist only three beings worthy of respect: 
the priest, the soldier, the poet. 
To know, to kill, to create."

-Charles Baudelaire

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