Would you like to see some Champions Tower Defense ART? :D

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Great news everyone!!

With production of the upcoming game Champions Tower Defense (or CTD for short) going strong, I am now able to showcase some of the art of the game for your viewing pleasure.

Feel free to leave feedback related to the art of the game in the comments section below of each new post or if there's anything you want me to focus on in any given week, leave a comment and I'll choose from those I can showcase, at random.You can also contact me on Twitter @ApertureEyeFilm

I also want to do a giveaway to a random person, all you got to do is follow me on Blogger and leave a comment. I will announce the giveaway as soon as I have everything setup and good to go.

Warning- I'll never ask for your account password, please do not post your email or any information that can be hacked in the comments section. Be safe from hackers and trolls.

So to give you an idea of what's coming to Aperture Eye Films here is a glimpse of a never-before-seen animation test for a possible webseries based on the game. Enjoy!

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  • Writing Script for "The Strong Man" movie
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  • Stanley movie 2 & 3
  • What's my next game?
  • Working on a platformer to kickoff 2015 with a series of platformer games.
  • What's my next comic? 
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