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10/6- Why is PewDiePie still working the way he is? If it's true that he edits all his videos and does everything by himself, when is he going to stop working so hard and start working smart? He makes a million dollars a month. Is he storing all this gold for the winter? Is he blowing it on gambling? I dunno, but he sure isn't investing in his production. His videos are all the same. The quantity of his videos, show that either he's got no life outside of his camera view and computer desk or he has help, but according to him, he does it all by himself. So other than peeing, eating and sleeping, his everyday life is posted on YouTube.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of his, I dig the bro army, but I have to wander about the longevity of his career, and the impact his strategy has on his life. He is a workaholic and his results are amazing, he's the most subscribed YouTube channel and he has one or two videos a day, 5 days a week, some say he's toned it down to have weekends off, but what about editing and graphics? Not to mention writing and planning his next week? He doesn't seem that ahead of himself as far as content, but hey, at least he has content, am I right.

If I take anything from the Pewds today it's that if you deliver consistent content to an audience that loves you and what you do, you will do great in your field as long as it sells or makes money indirectly. That's awesome! Good luck to ya PewDiePie, brofist!

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