Doing Art for Champions Tower Defense part 1 #introduction

The Introduction

Last summer, Sam & Dan games approached me with the chance to create the art of their next game Champions Tower Defense.

Sam explained to me that the setting of ChampionsTD would be inspired by World of Warcraft and the art style of Kingdom Rush, with the action taking place in all kinds of environments. The protagonist would have to make choices that would drastically change his or her destiny. The player would choose between light and dark, while also recruiting an awesome group of characters and creatures you could easily find in W.O.W. The sense of nostalgia would be present for W.O.W fans like Sam, but also be a great new experience for people like me, that haven't played W.O.W.

Sam also explained, that in order to deliver an epic game on a schedule that works, the art would have to be in a style that can be generated quickly, but also be beautifully alive, crisp and full of the moods and tones of World of Warcraft.

He suggested a game that we both love and are big fans of to be the inspiration of the game's art style. Kingdom Rush became the look of the game. Making small people that have armor and color to some degree of detail, but not so complicated that it becomes impossible to create 100 pieces of armor to swap out. I would say that the art style is very similar to Kingdom Rush, but there's no way we could be that good. So I did the best I could to come close to it. Each week I'll showcase some of that art which I enjoyed making, some of my favorites and some of my least favorites as well.

Champions Tower Defense will hit release real soon, you can play a demo of the game on Sam & Dan Games site.

Working on this Week:

  • What is my next film?
  • Still writing Script for "The Strong Man" movie
  • What's my next video?
  • PTD 2 Model & Animation Test
  • What's my next game?
  • Still working on a platformer to kickoff 2015 with a series of platformer games.
  • What's my next comic? 
  • One Shot Samurai Toad


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