Hey, everybody, my name is Joel Otero, I just wanted to say a few words.

     I want to say THANKS for being there and checking in on the blog even when I haven't posted anything new in so long.

        As some of you know, I've been working for Sam & Dan Games for months now working in the art dept. on all sorts of games, games I can't talk about here, but it is all very exciting and it makes me super happy.

         Right now, I'm working on a buffer for the PTD episodes in order to release them weekly on Youtube.

         I have been coming up with a business plan and a line up for the fall of 2014 to release a re-branding if you will of Aperture Eye Films. I'm developing old and new ideas in order to bring quality and quantity entertainment on a consistent basis.

Samurai Toad concept art.

I have some ideas I've been developing and I'm spending the weekend figuring out which one to start production on for the line-up. The concept art above is an example of some of the ideas bouncing in my head. I have to iron them out, sketch them out and begin the writing process.

All I want from you is your patience, support and likes on Facebook. Seriously, we have a Facebook page, have you seen it? Do you follow me on Twitter? If not, wtf...just kidding. 

The next PTD episode is coming soon. Goonies never say die!

As always thanks for your support, I love you guys. Leave a like if you want to see more blog posts and or PTD episodes, subscribe and become a friend today! Later!