Pokemon TD Saga Episode 6 Preview! (Spoilers)

Where we left off in Episode 5....

          Dereck and Emma battled Joey after he had been hypnotized by team rocket. As they fought off  waves of hypnotized wild pokemon, they captured a few to level the playing field and defeated Joey.
          Joey couldn't admit defeat. He sent his beloved pidgey on a suicidal run. Hearing his pidgey's cries for help helped him snap out of his trance. He leaped to pidgey's aid. the end....or was it?

Spoilers ahead!

       Team rocket is up to no good, they meet with their new boss to disscuss phase 2. Meanwhile, Dereck and Emma want to visit the gym to challenge the gym leader. Looks like theres trouble in town for the two young trainers, and what will they do with Joey, now that he's not hypnotized.

Episode 6 is coming soon, we'll keep you posted!