Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's Talk Tech! Jack talk tai real good...what?

   Question of the week- What's your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

     If you're interested in learning 3d modeling, but don't want to spend money buying 3ds max or maya, then blender is the way to go. I'm learning how to use it this week and my good friend and master modeler Albert Viñas has put together this beginner's tutorial that makes it really easy to understand the interface and workflow of Blender.

Take a look at Albert's tutorial video he just uploaded. If you wanna say "hey Albert, I like this,
a'make'a more of these helpful tutorials" [in your best Mario voice] then subscribe to his channel vinefilms2   

click like if you like it, thank you bro's, without your support we DIE!!! @_@

It's a so easy, a plumber could do it!

Question of the week- What's your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

Some people walk like this in real life!

       What if I actually posted some videos on YouTube and made content. Life would be a little bit more interesting, or not.

      I've been talking, planning and discussing strategy with my good friend Albert Viñas and brother/boss Sam Otero some ideas for cartoons and games and movies and stuff, but they all have one thing in common, they all take a really long time to make. We all agreed that it's in our best interest to make really fast and short content, but that means a loss of quality, bla, bla.

      I realized that I spend a lot of time working on projects, but no time finishing or posting them. So I decided to post my work in progress in an attempt to fill my YouTube channel with a lot of videos. Please help me, by liking each video, sharing whatever is share worthy and subscribing for more content. I'm pretty much going to share bits and pieces of my workday while talking about what's trending now in topics that I like to read about (maybe). Stop me if this is a terrible idea in the comments below.

      This morning I began rigging and testing "David", a character for a web cartoon Albert and I are currently working on. Here's a walk animation test. Here's the video.

Some people walk like this in real life!

        I figured, if I spend hours without end trying to make these projects work, why not screen grab some of the work or make a small clip like the one above and share my journey as well, I might make some people smile, laugh or yawn. At least it's different, right. Anyways, I'm going to upload one or two videos every week, who knows maybe more. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Great things are happening at Aperture Eye Films!

Written by: Joel Otero

I am proud to say that we're still alive and kicking. Great things have happened during this month and I have to talk about it.

          My brother offered me a job a couple of weeks ago at SnD Games. I took it and here I am, working from home again. :)

        He and I began working on a game idea that I can't talk about, but I'm very excited to be working on it. I'm also working on several other projects for them that are really cool. It's great!

        I got reacquainted with two film buddies from the past that are really good at what they do, Andy Sipe and Albert Viñas. The later of the two [Albert] has decided to join my team in Film and Animation. He will bring amazing art and talent to Aperture Eye Films. He's a great guy and a brilliant mind. Welcome aboard Mr. Viñas!

Can't wait to show you some new cool videos and artwork from Aperture Eye Films as well as some cool new games from SnD Games. It's going to be a great 2014! Cheers!

What would you like to see more of from Aperture Eye Films? Any ideas? Leave a comment below! 

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just when you thought your weekend was meh, Episode 6 is up!

Episode 6 is finally here. Dereck and the gang head towards their first gym battle. Joey is no longer hypnotized, but still getting into trouble, in this hilarious new episode. See if you can spot all the Pokemon in this exciting new video from Aperture Eye Films. Happy watching. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for updates and more. 


 Leave a comment below: Answer the following. 
What other Pokemon can be seen during the teleportation?
Best answer gets a prize. 10 s&d coins

Congratulations to the winners of the comment question:

The answer is Celebi!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pokemon TD Saga Episode 6 Preview! (Spoilers)

Where we left off in Episode 5....

          Dereck and Emma battled Joey after he had been hypnotized by team rocket. As they fought off  waves of hypnotized wild pokemon, they captured a few to level the playing field and defeated Joey.
          Joey couldn't admit defeat. He sent his beloved pidgey on a suicidal run. Hearing his pidgey's cries for help helped him snap out of his trance. He leaped to pidgey's aid. the end....or was it?

Spoilers ahead!

       Team rocket is up to no good, they meet with their new boss to disscuss phase 2. Meanwhile, Dereck and Emma want to visit the gym to challenge the gym leader. Looks like theres trouble in town for the two young trainers, and what will they do with Joey, now that he's not hypnotized.

Episode 6 is coming soon, we'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Update- 5/6/2013


Life finds a way!
My wife and I are having a boy in July, so excited!

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Work In Progress:

       Been working hard on my new day job, now that I'm more situated I can work on my personal projects for Aperture Eye Films!
PTDs Episode 6:
       Storyboards are in for episode 6 of the PTD saga and I'm blocking the assets this week.

Other projects:

        Been collaborating with friends to get some projects going. One of those projects is (working title) "Bull & Fox: Labor Force" or [just] "Labor Force". comedy cartoon pilot in association with RK Productions #rkproductions . Here are some images of the main characters.

Oxiliant Pilot "Prologue"

Going to spend a couple of hours looking over the material and re-assessing the fate of the project.

This week:

  • blocking scenes for PTD Episode 6                                                in progress
  • running animation tests for the Bull & the Fox                               in progress
  • re-assessing Oxiliant Pilot                                                               in progress

This week's progress list:

PTD Saga episode 6 (animated web series)     status:  in production
  • script                                                               (100%)
  • storyboard                                                     (100%)
  • master file                                                     (100%)
  • assets                           (50%)
  • Layout(0%)
  • Animation(0%)
  • Effects(0%)
  • Edit first cut(0%)
  • Post sound(0%)
  • Edit final cut(0%)
  • Post on Youtube(0%)

Oxiliant pilot (animated web series)      status: re-assessing
  • script                                                            (100%)
  • storyboard                               (75%)
  • master file                                                    (100%)
  • assets         (10%)
  • Layout(0%)
  • Animation(0%)
  • Effects(0%)
  • Edit first cut(0%)
  • Post sound(0%)
  • Edit final cut(0%)
  • Post on Youtube(0%)
Labor Force (animated web series)     Status:  Animation Tests
  • script(0%)
  • storyboard(0%)
  • master file(0%)
  • assets(0%)
  • Layout(0%)
  • Animation(0%)
  • Effects(0%)
  • Edit first cut(0%)
  • Post sound(0%)
  • Edit final cut(0%)
  • Post on Youtube(0%)

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