Thursday, March 24, 2011

Editing nightmare

Hey, just wanted to drop in and share some deep concerns I have with my computer. I was editing the video some more tonight when suddenly my computer tells me that my virtual memory is low. I've been working with HD video a lot lately and haven't run into this problem since back in 2000.

April Fool's short film Project- Post Production

I'm editing a rough draft to send to one of my music composer friends to make a score. But now I'm off.

More posts soon.

First Blog ever!

Hello world!
This year (2011) I've been working on a new project for every month. Small attainable monthly projects to sharpen my skills as a Producer & director.
     In January, I collaborated with a group of fine filmmakers to shoot an interview for my good friend Rodrigo Kaufman. He interviewed the apostle Yolanda, from Puerto Rico about her miraculous healing of a brain tumor that occupied 80% of her brain.
 In February, I made a motion graphics web ad for my parents' church event called
Conquistando Las Naciones.
In March, I shot a mock teaser trailer which I will present on April 1st (april fools) on Youtube.