Pokemon Tower Defense Episode 2

Well, it took some time but here it is. Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film Part 2.

Follow Dereck and Emma on a pokemon adventure of epic proportions!

Please comment bellow sugestions and ideas for next episode "Route 1". 
Also answer this question- Who's your fav. pokemon? Oh and do you like our new logo?


  1. Charizard is my favourite,maybe in route 1 u should make them finish the battle,make emma win,then let them battle a few rattata and then they'll learn flamethrower and razor leaf that they can use against a whole family of rattata

    one more suggestion when the pokemon come out of the pokeball it should have a box on top of the pokemon that shows the lvl,xp and moves

  2. it sais bublasaur lmao it is bulbasaur but in the show it sais bublasaur

  3. Flamethrower and razor leaf aren't until higher levels. *suggestion* In the next episode they should finish their battle and overhear some information about the ratatta and what is going on.

  4. finish the battle, make dereck win,then they battle a family of ratata, a new character will help them, battle them then give them advices/tips, catch new pokemons, pokemon learns new moves!!

    my fav is eevee!!

  5. Emma takes advantage of the fact neither has a super effective move, and wins!!!
    Then, dereck's bulbasaur starts acting oddly, then faints. They rush to nurse joy, who's on her way to the lab with officer jenny, and she tells them it's a strange Hypnosis affect that hasn't been seen in years. Then it wakes up and won't obey dereck. And suddenly, Dereck wakes up! It was all a dream!!!(last bit is joke)
    My fave is Mewtwo!!!

  6. What program did you use to make this.
    Who's your fav. pokemon? Charizard

    Oh and do you like our new logo? Yeah it looks sweet.


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