One Shot Sushi- Bite size videos for you to enjoy!

Hey friends, Joel here ready to get these "one shot sushi" rolling. A while back I was drooling on the couch waiting for these pokemon scenes to render, when it donned on me to work on other projects, but "they take just as long to make" I said to myself.

Thus, "One Shot Sushi" was born.

Whenever I have time, I'll make a quick video of something (that ranges from 1-8 hrs to make), while I wait for the longer processes to get through.

But wait,here's the best part. You can suggest ideas to me by commenting all over my blog. I read (and occasionay accidentaly delete) all comments, because I love them so much.

Here is a ittle something I cooked up today while waiting for "Dropbox"  to upload the final cut of PTD part 2.

Red Socks-

The more complex the video the more time it will take, if the ideas are really cool then I don't mind spending time on them and killing off any project that might be a waste of time.


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