Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film

October 20, 2011.

PTD part 2 is in Post Production- Final cut 100% done. Post sound& mixing should be done in 3-5 days and I will post immediately after. Sam & Dan Games should post a link on his blog as soon as it's up in my youtube channel, if you want direct access to updates and posts, subscribe to my blog and or youtube channel.

Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film Part 1

    Hey everyone, to show how much I enjoy playing this fan game, I decided a month ago to make a fan film tribute to Pokemon Tower Defense Game created by Sam & Dan Games. Here it is, enjoy!!

A tribute to Pokemon Tower Defense Game's first level done in a mix of 2d and 3d animation.
Animated by Joel Otero. Sound design by Bryan Serge. Mixed by Gustavo Yepes

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Wow!!! Thank you to all the pokemon fans for the wonderful responses to the Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film. 
     I was so pleased with the video that I'm currently working on part 2. My brother Sam (from Sam & Dan Games) and I were discussing what path to take with "part 2" of PTD  video, and after much debate decided to go on a parallel story line that ties in with the PTD universe.

    So for the first time on PTD, the fans will follow two new characters on their adventure to become pokemon trainers.

    I've written a script, made a storyboard, shot the interiors and exterior and made route 1 map so far, this week I'm placing the avatars and any props while My sound designer Bryan Serge is collaborating once again with me to make the sound for the video.

Your sugestions-
1. make a part 2 video- 75% done
2. make the text slower and bigger so we can read! 100% done (font is now 18 and 5 seconds long short lines and 10-12 seconds for long lines)

Let me know if you have sugestions or any way to improve the videos.
Keep in mind that I've maxed out in quality.

Thanks, Joel Otero

 @ Aperture Eye Films


  1. Awesome. Great video. I'm excited for the rest.


    Text could be a bit bigger though

  3. low quality to see, but high quality what it is about. what is the link on youtube? so i can thumb up

  4. @the master tm click on the watch on youtube button (bottom right of video) to go to the youtube page.

  5. How can I say I don't like it without being a hater?

  6. I'll help the pokemon tower defense fighting and giving this error and I want to play it

  7. Leave the text up longer and make it bigger, I couldn't read half the text and I've played this. Otherwise really nice!


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