Thursday, December 1, 2011

Green Lantern Parody- Take of your mask

One Shot Sushi presents-

Green Lantern Parody- Take of your mask

This video took me around 8 hrs to make.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense Episode 2

Well, it took some time but here it is. Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film Part 2.

Follow Dereck and Emma on a pokemon adventure of epic proportions!

Please comment bellow sugestions and ideas for next episode "Route 1". 
Also answer this question- Who's your fav. pokemon? Oh and do you like our new logo?

"Journal Entry 10 30 2011" a One Shot Sushi

One Shot Sushi presents:

Journal Entry 10 30 2011

Took me four hours to make this short from script to finished product.

    I might have taken a weird route with this one shot. I saw a video about paper cut-out art and I wanted to try simulating that look but as fast as I could. I failed in the end to make it look like paper, but I was satisfied with how fast I got this done. I started animating the guy but it took too long. In the end I cut out all quality and went very fast. I hope you enjoy seeing the end result of this experiment. I might make a "dub step" version to make more fun of it.

Be a critic, or an artist, let me know your honest thoughts, leave a comment bellow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


One Shot Sushi- Bite size videos for you to enjoy!

Hey friends, Joel here ready to get these "one shot sushi" rolling. A while back I was drooling on the couch waiting for these pokemon scenes to render, when it donned on me to work on other projects, but "they take just as long to make" I said to myself.

Thus, "One Shot Sushi" was born.

Whenever I have time, I'll make a quick video of something (that ranges from 1-8 hrs to make), while I wait for the longer processes to get through.

But wait,here's the best part. You can suggest ideas to me by commenting all over my blog. I read (and occasionay accidentaly delete) all comments, because I love them so much.

Here is a ittle something I cooked up today while waiting for "Dropbox"  to upload the final cut of PTD part 2.

Red Socks-

The more complex the video the more time it will take, if the ideas are really cool then I don't mind spending time on them and killing off any project that might be a waste of time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film

October 20, 2011.

PTD part 2 is in Post Production- Final cut 100% done. Post sound& mixing should be done in 3-5 days and I will post immediately after. Sam & Dan Games should post a link on his blog as soon as it's up in my youtube channel, if you want direct access to updates and posts, subscribe to my blog and or youtube channel.

Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film Part 1

    Hey everyone, to show how much I enjoy playing this fan game, I decided a month ago to make a fan film tribute to Pokemon Tower Defense Game created by Sam & Dan Games. Here it is, enjoy!!

A tribute to Pokemon Tower Defense Game's first level done in a mix of 2d and 3d animation.
Animated by Joel Otero. Sound design by Bryan Serge. Mixed by Gustavo Yepes

If you like my fan film, please subscribe to my youtube channel, leave a comment and/or if you're interested in my upcoming projects follow me @ this blog. I appreciate your comments bellow!!!!

Wow!!! Thank you to all the pokemon fans for the wonderful responses to the Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film. 
     I was so pleased with the video that I'm currently working on part 2. My brother Sam (from Sam & Dan Games) and I were discussing what path to take with "part 2" of PTD  video, and after much debate decided to go on a parallel story line that ties in with the PTD universe.

    So for the first time on PTD, the fans will follow two new characters on their adventure to become pokemon trainers.

    I've written a script, made a storyboard, shot the interiors and exterior and made route 1 map so far, this week I'm placing the avatars and any props while My sound designer Bryan Serge is collaborating once again with me to make the sound for the video.

Your sugestions-
1. make a part 2 video- 75% done
2. make the text slower and bigger so we can read! 100% done (font is now 18 and 5 seconds long short lines and 10-12 seconds for long lines)

Let me know if you have sugestions or any way to improve the videos.
Keep in mind that I've maxed out in quality.

Thanks, Joel Otero

 @ Aperture Eye Films

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why run when you can fly with a dragon... (let me explain)

Hey www,

 Okay, first of all, here are a few things about me that you might not know. (1) I'm really talkative, but when it comes to typing on the computer I get slow because I don't type very well; and (2) I tend to be lazy and not want to write with consistency.

But today I came across a very cool gadget when I went to Best Buy and the gadget is called (free ad)  the Dragon Naturally Speaking software home edition. So I checked online and read some reviews. The review said that it was 93% accurate and that I would be able to say what I want to type without  having to use these my fingers which are very slow and clumsy.

So I bought it, and now instead of running, (or in my case, crawling) when typing these blogs I can now fly like the Eagles and soar above all heights. In fact I'm using it right now. Dragon is typing this blog for me. the Dragon is a mighty beast that I have tamed and am now riding on with a battle ax in the air charging right at whatever enemy comes my way… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ( joke )

So now that I have no longer a typing disorder, let's get on with the point.

I'm planning on doing several things on this blog:

1. I'm going to give you updates on any film projects in which I'm involved in, producing, directing or just collaborating.

2. I'll be posting a new episode of  "life goes on" (web comic blog) once a week.

3. I'll probably be blogging some random blogs whenever I feel like it.

So please join me as I go into this journey of blogging. I know my wife will be there as my companion and every once in a while she might pop in and say hi and Dragon will type it… I have to "ha ha" once more for this is like the coolest Easter present ever, thank you Easter bunny, I love you! ...and yes if you're wondering if I'm Sam Otero's brother from (free ad) "Sam and Dan games" of the (free ad) "Pokemon tower defense", then yes, it is I.  But since he's the only one who actually reads this blog (or skims it I should say) the secret will be kept safe.

I'm off to the races! I'll keep you posted.
film update-
I'm currently writing a script in which I will be entering into the Amazon studios contest for a chance to win $20,000 for best script and a shot at a movie deal.
Later on I'm going to be working on a test movie of that same script for a chance to win $100,000 in the same contest, with that said I have very busy month and a half.
So talk to you later.
Joel Otero

PS-let me know what you think of this new update,Was it was worth it getting "the Dragon" or was it better to read my very short typing blogs.
God bless and happy Easter!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Editing nightmare

Hey, just wanted to drop in and share some deep concerns I have with my computer. I was editing the video some more tonight when suddenly my computer tells me that my virtual memory is low. I've been working with HD video a lot lately and haven't run into this problem since back in 2000.

April Fool's short film Project- Post Production

I'm editing a rough draft to send to one of my music composer friends to make a score. But now I'm off.

More posts soon.

First Blog ever!

Hello world!
This year (2011) I've been working on a new project for every month. Small attainable monthly projects to sharpen my skills as a Producer & director.
     In January, I collaborated with a group of fine filmmakers to shoot an interview for my good friend Rodrigo Kaufman. He interviewed the apostle Yolanda, from Puerto Rico about her miraculous healing of a brain tumor that occupied 80% of her brain.
 In February, I made a motion graphics web ad for my parents' church event called
Conquistando Las Naciones.
In March, I shot a mock teaser trailer which I will present on April 1st (april fools) on Youtube.